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Animal Control

Found Pets and Animal Pickups

Domestic animals other than horses and livestock picked up by Sedgwick County Animal Control are taken to the Wichita Animal Shelter located at 3303 N. Hillside in Wichita.  The Kansas Humane Society's hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.  They can be reached by calling 316-838-9623.  To determine the whereabouts of other types of animals you believe were picked up by Sedgwick County Animal Control, please call our office at (316) 660-7070 or 1-800-527-0709 Monday - Fridays between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Daily Animal Pickups

The Wichita Animal Shelter has a new way to view lost pets online. Animals admitted to the Wichita Animal Shelter are now being posted on the website Use the instructions below to search for lost pets at our shelter.

  • Go to the website , or click the link below.

  • Enter your Zip Code or City name in the appropriate field and click the "Find Shelters" search button.

  • Check the box next to "Wichita Animal Shelter" and click the "Search Now" button.

  • Click the "I Lost My Pet" button.

  • Click the button for the type of animal that you have lost (Dog, Cat, or Other).

  • You may choose to narrow your search by breed, gender, size, age, and predominate color at this time but please keep in mind the more narrow your search, the less results you will receive.  If you do not specify any criteria in the search fields, and just click the "Search Now" button you will be able to browse all of the entries from the Shelter.  It is a much broader search, but improves your chances of finding your lost pet.  Please remember that your description of the animal may be different than the description posted on the website.  We advise that you keep your search as broad as possible.  If you have lost a pet we still advise that you visit the Wichita Animal Shelter regularly.

  • Most of the animals will have a picture accompanied with the date the animal was impounded to assist in proper identification and a timely return to the owner.  If the animal listing does not have a picture and you suspect that the animal may be yours, visit the Wichita Animal Shelter at 3303 N. Hillside.

  • If you find your animal on the website, call the Wichita Animal Shelter at 838-9623 and notify staff.  They will need the animal number displayed to the right of the picture.

If you do not see your lost animal using this service, we recommend you visit the Wichita Animal Shelter at 3303 N. Hillside (K-96 & Hillside) during business hours to make sure the animal wasn’t picked up. Lost and stray animals are only held for 72 hours starting the day after the animal is impounded. You may call the Wichita Animal Shelter at 838-9623 for more information and tips on finding a lost pet, but remember that only you can identify your lost pet.

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