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A Word in Edgewise

By Commissioner Tim Norton

April 20, 2015

Exploration Place is celebrating its 15th year in existence.  

We are extremely lucky that almost twenty years ago a dedicated group of community leaders, volunteers and donors led by Phil Frick had the vision and tenaciousness to create and build this iconic building and community space on the Arkansas River.   Children of all ages will benefit from the wonderful learning atmosphere that Exploration Place offers for years into the future.   And families just may have some fun, too!

Traveling exhibits like Titanic, Bodies, Star Wars and Dinosaurs have made the space come alive and put Wichita on par with other much larger cities.   Kansas in Miniature, the Aviation Pavilion, the Cyberdome theater and other local exhibits have been local favorites from the very beginning.   And the educational connections that have been formed and continue promote the love of science that is so critically needed in today’s technology environment.

I have served on the board for several years until recently and saw up close and personal the dedication of staff and volunteers in realizing the original vision of the founders and funders.   The path to success is not always easy.   I am proud that Sedgwick County realized the importance that Exploration Place holds in our community several years ago  and continues to support this jewel on the river with funding and board leadership.  

As science and technology continues to change and evolve and inspire new generations to learn… Exploration Place will continue to be that place where the wonder of science and information and fun intercept in our community.   Wichita’s children and families deserve Exploration Place.  And Exploration Place deserves our ongoing dedication, participation and funding.

Thanks for letting me get a word in edgewise.


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