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A Word in Edgewise

By Commissioner Tim Norton

September 29, 2014

There were over 6871 reports of domestic violence in Sedgwick County in 2012. 24,373 in Kansas. Too many, you say. And that was just what was reported to authorities. National attention has been brought to this societal problem recently because of incidents with some very prominent NFL players.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. There will be a host of activities, educational sessions and community events to promote awareness and highlight the effects of domestic violence on victims specifically and the community in general.

The YWCA Wichita Women's Crisis Center will lead an effort to promote healing from trauma and the lingering effects of domestic violence. On Monday, October 6 the "Drive Out Domestic Violence Golf Classic" will be held at Tallgrass Country Club with all proceeds to benefit the YWCA Women's Crisis Center.

On Friday, October 24 I will be participating in an awareness breakfast for men entitled, "Domestic Violence in Wichita is a Man's Issue." It is sponsored jointly by StepStone, the Women's Crisis Center, Catholic Charities Harbor house, the Wichita Area Sexual Assault Center and the Wichita Crime Commission. The event will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. at Newman University's Dugan Center.

Domestic violence, sexual assault and other abusive interactions in our community are a serious issue. It can be dangerous for the victim. And it can tear apart families, affect children's stability and mental health, and leave lasting mental and physical scars with victims that must be dealt with many times for years.

I urge you to learn more about domestic violence in our community: how to recognize it, where to report it, what services are available to victims. There are a myriad of organizations and advocacy groups that help victims stay safe, begin recovery and maneuver the life changing dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault. Dial the United Way 211 line to get information or to volunteer. For more information on the Domestic Violence Awareness Month activities contact Angela Lampe, YWCA director, at 263-7501.

Thanks for letting me get a word in edgewise.


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