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Department of Corrections

Juvenile Field Services

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This division was formed in 1998. The purpose of the Juvenile Field Services (JFS) Division is to provide supervision and/or case management for adjudicated juvenile offenders in Sedgwick County. Juvenile offenders served by this division include: those at risk of entering state's custody, those placed on intensive supervision probation, those in the custody of the state, those directly committed to a state juvenile correctional facility (JCF), and those on conditional release (CR) from a state JCF. Funding for these programs is provided by contractual agreements with the State of Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority (JJA).

General Information

JFS places emphasis on public safety, preventing future offenses through the use of evidence-based correctional practices and services, education, employment and enhancing positive family impact on the offender's behavior. Offenders are supervised on level systems based on their level of risk to reoffend as determined by evidence-based correctional risk assessments. Urinalysis and breath analysis tests detect drug use. Contacts with employers, educators, treatment providers, caregivers and the offender are characteristic of these programs. In some cases, electronic monitoring is used to restrict freedom and provide sanctions for minor violations of the conditions of supervision. This restricts the offender's mobility to the home or other approved locations. If the offender violates the rules, staff are quickly notified and can take action.

Core Programs

Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program (JISP)
JISP is an intensive community based program providing services to offenders at risk of entering state's custody and placed on intensive supervision probation by the Court.

Juvenile Case Management (JCM)
This program provides supervision and case management for youth in the custody of the State of Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority. Some juveniles served by this program are placed outside their family homes in a variety of settings including: detention, resource homes, residential treatment facilities, independent living programs.

Conditional Release (CR)
This program provides supervision and case management for youth returning to the community from juvenile correctional facilities on conditional release. Juveniles served by this program are placed in their family homes, detention, resource homes, residential facilities, treatment programs, and independent living programs.

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