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County Clerk


The County Clerk serves as the official secretary for the Board of the County Commissioners. The clerk records county commission meeting minutes and produces written minutes of all commission meetings.


The clerk has various duties relating to property tax levies and tax roll preparation; all school districts, cities, townships and other taxing authorities must file their budgets with the clerk.  All county property values are filed with the clerk, and the clerk sets the official mill levies for each taxing district based on this information.

Land and Real Estate

All land records of the county are maintained by the clerk and each transfer of real estate is properly recorded in the transfer record for taxation purposes. Taxpayer mailing addresses are maintained by the clerk, and our office can assist taxpayers with the process of property tax appeals for their homes and businesses.

Licenses and Permits

The clerk issues various licenses and permits, including hunting, fishing and trapping licenses, as well as moving permits and adult entertainment licenses.

Tax Refunds

The clerk's staff provides assistance to county residents in preparing Homestead Property Tax Refund Applications, which are forwarded to the Kansas Department of Revenue by the taxpayer after preparation in the clerk's office.