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Meet the Staff


It is the policy of this office, through responsible recruitment, to hire qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religious affiliation, or disability.  Prosecutors are attorneys licensed to practice law in the state of Kansas and must have successfully graduated from an accredited law school and have passed the Kansas Bar Examination in addition to possessing credentials demonstrating proficiency and professionalism.  The more than 50 attorneys comprising the staff of this office have more than 360 years of combined legal experience.

Deputy District Attorneys

K. Parker 18th Judicial DistrictKim T. Parker is the Chief Deputy District Attorney.  Ms. Parker has several responsibilities as Chief Deputy.  But her main duties involve administrative oversight of all Assistant District Attorneys and supervision of the charges filed in all criminal and juvenile cases in the 18th Judicial District of Sedgwick County.  Ms. Parker's career has been dedicated to the prosecution of violent crime with specific focus in the area of crimes against children.  Her trial work has included the prosecution of Dennis Rader (BTK) and Jonathan and Reginald Carr. 


A. Swegle - 18th Judicial DistrictAnn Swegle is a Deputy District Attorney & Chief Legal Counsel for the District Attorney.  Ms. Swegle supervises the Adult Diversion Programs and oversees the work of the Trial Divisions,  including Drugs, Records and the new Economic Crimes Division.  Her duties also include trial work, Kansas Open Records and Open Meeting Act enforcement and work with grand juries.




R. Paschal - 18th Judicial DistrictRon Paschal is a Deputy District Attorney who supervises the Juvenile Division of the Office of the District Attorney.  Mr. Paschal supervises the Offender/Child in Need of Care (CINC) programs in the offices located at 1900 E. Morris in Wichita.  He also serves as Ethics Coordinator for the Office of the District Attorney




Chief Attorneys

CJ Rieg - Sedgwick County District Attorney's OfficeC. J. Rieg is a Chief Attorney.  She is the supervisor in the Gang and Violent Crimes Division.  Ms. Rieg has received awards for gang prosecution from law enforcement organizations and the Wichita Bar Association.





T. Weilert - 18th Judicial DistrictTom Weilert is a Chief Attorney. Mr. Weilert is a supervising attorney of the General Trial division. In addition, he handles the Initial Assessment Docket which is designed to move lower level cases through the judicial system more quickly by allowing defendants to take responsibility for their actions and achieving closure for victims without undue delay. He also coordinates training and continuing education for all prosecutors in the office.





R. M. Jennings - 18th Judicial District AttorneyR. Michael Jennings is a Chief Attorney.  He is supervisor of the Substance Abuse division who has published articles and is an expert on search and seizure and drug enforcement.






J. Edwards - 18th Judicial DistrictJustin Edwards is a Chief Attorney.  Mr. Edwards supervises the division that prosecutes crimes involving sex offenses and domestic violence.






A. Breitenbach - 18th Judicial District Aaron Breitenbach is the Chief Attorney for the Office's Traffic Division.  He oversees the attorneys who work in the Traffic Division with the goal of making sure you and other residents are in compliance with the traffic laws in Sedgwick County.

Traffic Division




S. Werner - 18th Judicial DistrictSharon Werner is Chief Attorney of the Consumer Protection Division.  This Division enforces the Kansas consumer Protection Act (KCPA) which protects you and other consumers from suppliers who commit deceptive and unconscionable practices.





M. Jordan - 18th Judicial DistrictMark Jordan is a Chief Attorney.  Mr. Jordan is responsible for reviewing both Juvenile Offender and Child in Need of Care cases, and assists in the supervision of those areas.






R. Hubert - 18th Judicial DistrictRandall Hubert is a Chief Attorney.  Mr. Hubert manages daily docket assignments for 26 trial attorneys covering court dockets for 28 divisions of District Court, and coordinates with the Criminal Presiding Judge on all docket matters.





R. Short - 18th Judicial DistrictRobert Short is the Chief Attorney over the economic  crimes unit.  He and his assistant district attorneys prosecute all manner of property crimes, including business and residential burglaries, organized retail theft, financial crimes, elder abuse and business fraud.





B. Isherwood - 18th Judicial DistrictBoyd Isherwood is a Chief Attorney in charge of the Appellate Division which handles all appeals to the Kansas Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.