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Official seal of Sedgwick County, Kansas.  The "Keeper of the Plains" Indian against a light blue background encompassed by a circle fram with the words Sedgwick County arched on top with the word Kansas in blue lettering arched below with two wheat stalks and sunflowers seperating.

Sedgwick County November 4th, 2008
General Election Results:

Electors for President / Vice President
United States Senator
U. S. Representative 4th District
State Senator 25TH DISTRICT
State Senator 26TH DISTRICT
State Senator 27TH DISTRICT
State Senator 28TH DISTRICT
State Senator 29TH DISTRICT
State Senator 30TH DISTRICT
State Senator 31ST DISTRICT
State Senator 32ND DISTRICT
State Representative 81ST DISTRICT
State Representative 82ND DISTRICT
State Representative 83RD DISTRICT
State Representative 84TH DISTRICT
State Representative 85TH DISTRICT
State Representative 86TH DISTRICT
State Representative 87TH DISTRICT
State Representative 88TH DISTRICT
State Representative 89TH DISTRICT
State Representative 90TH DISTRICT
State Representative 91ST DISTRICT
State Representative 92ND DISTRICT
State Representative 93RD DISTRICT
State Representative 94TH DISTRICT
State Representative 95TH DISTRICT
State Representative 96TH DISTRICT
State Representative 97TH DISTRICT
State Representative 98TH DISTRICT
State Representative 99TH DISTRICT
State Representative 100TH DISTRICT
State Representative 103RD DISTRICT
State Representative 105TH DISTRICT
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 1
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 2
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 3
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 6
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 9
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 10
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 11
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 12
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 13
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 14
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 16
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 20
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 21
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 22
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 23
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 24
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 25
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 26
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 27
18th Dist Judge DIVISION 28
District Attorney 18th District
State Board of Education 8TH DISTRICT
State Board of Education 10TH DISTRICT
Supreme Court Justice, Position 4
Supreme Court Justice, Position 6
Court of Appeals Judge, Position 2
Court of Appeals Judge, Position 3
Court of Appeals Judge, Position 5
Court of Appeals Judge, Position 10
County Commissioner 2ND DISTRICT
County Commissioner 3RD DISTRICT
County Clerk
County Treasurer
Register of Deeds
Township Trustee AFTON
Township Trustee ATTICA
Township Trustee EAGLE
Township Trustee ERIE
Township Trustee GARDEN PLAIN
Township Trustee GRAND RIVER
Township Trustee GRANT
Township Trustee GREELEY
Township Trustee GYPSUM
Township Trustee ILLINOIS
Township Trustee KECHI
Township Trustee LINCOLN
Township Trustee MINNEHA
Township Trustee MORTON
Township Trustee NINNESCAH
Township Trustee OHIO
Township Trustee PARK
Township Trustee PAYNE
Township Trustee RIVERSIDE
Township Trustee ROCKFORD
Township Trustee SALEM
Township Trustee SHERMAN
Township Trustee UNION
Township Trustee VALLEY CENTER
Township Trustee VIOLA
Township Trustee WACO
Township Treasurer AFTON
Township Treasurer ATTICA
Township Treasurer EAGLE
Township Treasurer ERIE
Township Treasurer GARDEN PLAIN
Township Treasurer GRAND RIVER
Township Treasurer GRANT
Township Treasurer GREELEY
Township Treasurer GYPSUM
Township Treasurer ILLINOIS
Township Treasurer KECHI
Township Treasurer LINCOLN
Township Treasurer MINNEHA
Township Treasurer MORTON
Township Treasurer NINNESCAH
Township Treasurer OHIO
Township Treasurer PARK
Township Treasurer PAYNE
Township Treasurer RIVERSIDE
Township Treasurer ROCKFORD
Township Treasurer SALEM
Township Treasurer SHERMAN
Township Treasurer UNION
Township Treasurer VALLEY CENTER
Township Treasurer VIOLA
Township Treasurer WACO
Improvement Dist Director CRESTVIEW COUNTRY CLUB
Improvement Dist Director FURLEY
Improvement Dist Director K-42 ESTATES
Improvement Dist Director OAKLAWN
Improvement Dist Director PECK
Improvement Dist Director REECE ROAD
Improvement Dist Director SPRINGDALE COUNTRY CLUB
Improvement Dist Director ST. MARKS
Improvement Dist Director SUNSWEPT HIGHLANDS
Improvement Dist Director SUNVIEW
Abolish Ohio Township Question
USD 259 (Wichita) Bond Question
Bel Aire Sales Tax Question
Park City Sales Tax Question