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Youth Fire Safety Intervention Resources and Education

Y-Fire  Youth-FiresafetyThe mission of the Youth Fire Safety Intervention Resources and Education (Y-FIRE) Coalition is to promote fire safety through Education and Intervention within South Central Kansas in an effort to identify and reduce youth fire setting. The goal of the Y-FIRE Academy is to educate youth and parents about the dangers and consequences of fire setting. The Academy is held the 2nd Saturday of every other month. The Academy is designed for youth between the ages of 8 and 18 and their parents or guardians.

You should be concerned if a child has played with fire and exhibits any of the following:

  • Has "accidentally" started one or more fires
  • Lacks understanding of fire's destructiveness
  • Is interested in matches or lighters
  • Has a poor self-image
  • Has trouble making friends
  • Has difficulty adjusting to traumatic life changes (death, divorce, moving, etc.)
  • Has conflict within the family
  • Fights or has other behavioral problems at school and/or home
  • Has temper tantrums resulting in property destruction or harm to people or animals
  • Has a hard time feeling or expressing guilt

Children start fires for many reasons:

  • Curiosity/ experimentation
  • Imitating behavior
    • Peer pressure
  • Crisis
  • Anger/ revenge
  • During illegal activity

Contact Information

Contact The Sedgwick County Fire Prevention Division at (316)660-3473 with any questions or to refer a child to the program.

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