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  • County Treasurer Linda Kizzire

    Linda Kizzire
    County Treasurer

    p. 316.660.9110
    f. 316.383.7113

    Douglas Tag Office
    2525 W. Douglas. Wichita
    (Grand Opening Noon June 6th)

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Personalized Tags

New Personalized Tags

If you are interested in ordering a personalized plate for a vehicle that currently has a standard Ad Astra plate, you must come into one of the county tag offices to order. Bring your current registration receipt for the vehicle and the completed personal tag application. Bring several spelling choices and be prepared to pay the $45.50 reservation fee.

Our office will mail a notification postcard to the address on your application form when we receive the plate from the manufacturer. Your notification postcard will detail what you will need to bring in to receive your new plate.

Should you have questions on this process, please email

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