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Beating the Blues

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We are exploring a NEW Beating the Blues Program for 2021! 

All referrals are on hold until a new program is established.

Beating the Blues is a computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program available at no cost to Sedgwick County residents. Beating the Blues is evidence-based treatment proven to help reduce depression and anxiety. This online resource offers eight weekly sessions and is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Sessions are confidential and private. Call 316-660-7618 or e-mail today to set up an orientation at your convenience.

The Key to Beating the Blues is at Your Fingertips

Beating the Blues is proven to help reduce your depression and anxiety. This online resource offers 8 weekly sessions that empower users to take an active role in their own care.

The Benefits:

7 out of 10 people who have used Beating the Blues have been able to reduce their depression or anxiety symptoms.

How to Begin?

What did others say after using Beating the Blues?

“People should really give it a try. I have been in therapy before, but not until Beating the Blues have I been able to see how my thoughts and behaviors affected my feelings.”  

“I really like it because I get to think about my responses and not come up with something on the spot like I would in a therapist’s office.”