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For Immediate Release
June 10, 2020
Kate Flavin


This Week in Sedgwick County

Board of County Commissioners

  • There was a discussion of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
    • Commissioners reviewed the online needs assessment form that entities may submit to provide information for Sedgwick County to develop a strategic plan to distribute CARES funding.
    • The needs assessment form is due to the County by Friday, June 19.
    • To date, the County has spent or encumbered $1.4 million of its CARES funding, and another $1.2 million on other COVID-related expenses.
    • Commissioners approved $2.5 million in budget authority for EMS for equipment such as portable ventilators and IV pumps, power load cot systems, monitor/defibrillators, and other equipment to be used for patient care on ambulances.
  • Commissioners approved a partnership agreement with Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to purchase and preserve right-of-way for the Northwest Bypass Project.
    • This new five-year agreement will allow Sedgwick County to allocate $1 million in 2021 and up to $1 million every year for the agreement. KDOT will match up to $1 million annually to the project as well.
    • The most recent five-year agreement states Sedgwick County will contribute $325,000 and KDOT will match that amount. 
    • This interstate level bypass project began in 2006 to connect Maize, Goddard, and west Wichita is funded by KDOT, Sedgwick County, City of Maize, and City of Goddard.
  • There was a public hearing for modifying the boundaries of the Boeing Industrial District of Sedgwick County and renaming it to the Aerospace Industrial District of Sedgwick County, Kansas. Commissioners approved the new boundaries and name.
    • The Industrial District submitted petitions to add 14 parcels and remove one.
    • The original Industrial District was developed in September 1980.
  • A public hearing was held for the County’s application for Community Development Block Grant funds.
    • The funding opportunity expired prior to the Commission Meeting held today and no action was taken.
  • Board appointments: Tonya Buckingham and Susan Erlenwein, Sedgwick County Grievance Board.


Governing Body of Fire District 1

  • Commissioners approved an amended and restated contract for fire protection services with Textron Aviation.




View the meeting here:

For questions, contact Public Information Officer Kate Flavin at (316) 660-9370.