Information for Medical Providers about Obtaining COVID-19 Vaccine

Questions regarding providing vaccine at your clinic can be directed to Sedgwick County Health Department (SCHD) Vaccine Planning at

SCHD can provide Pfizer - Comirnaty and Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine.

Medical providers can obtain COVID-19 vaccine in two different ways:

  1. Contact SCHD at and SCHD can partner with the clinic to provide vaccine at a planned clinic. 
    • In this method, SCHD is responsible for vaccine storage and reporting administration to KDHE. Therefore, SCHD would provide registration staff and cold chain staff. SCHD could also provide vaccinators if needed. 
    • This would fit best if a medical provider is hosting a COVID-19 vaccine clinic at a certain time with a large participation.
  2. Become a Kansas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). The electronic enrollment link and forms to review, including a new provider enrollment checklist, are found at  Questions or issues can be resolved via phone at 877-296-0464 or by email
    • In this method, medical providers can receive COVID-19 vaccine directly from KDHE or they can get transfers of vaccine from SCHD. Medical providers would be responsible for storage and reporting to KDHE in WebIZ. 
    • Once a medical provider is a Vaccine Provider through KDHE, the SCHD transfer is a simple electronic sign-up process and the medical provider staff will come to 1900 E. 9th ST N, Wichita (near I-135 and 9th St) to pick up the vaccine and associated supplies. 
    • This method is good if providers want to give vaccine to patients during a special clinic or during regular appointments.