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Updated March 26, 2020 5:00 PM

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What Does This Stay at Home Order Mean for Our Organization?

All businesses have been ordered to close until April 23, 2020 unless listed as an essential service or critical to essential activities.  More information can be found on the Stay at Home Order website.

Sedgwick County Health Department monitors and investigates reports of disease every day, from whooping cough and chickenpox to tuberculosis and HIV. Staff are trained in methods to reduce the spread of disease. You can help, too. COVID-19 is a new disease but it spreads the same as the flu, through respiratory droplets (ex. coughing and sneezing).

I Do Not Know if My Organization is Essential – Who Can I Ask?

Questions regarding the stay at home order or essential services and businesses can be sent to or by calling 316-660-9000.  Frequently asked questions regarding the stay at home order.

We Are an Essential Service or Business.  What Should We Be Doing Now?

In addition to the guidance below, the stay at home order has outline the following definition and steps for businesses.

Recommended strategies for essential organizations to use now:

Additional Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

Organizational Preparedness Activities for Your Facility

Prepare Staff, Volunteers, and Clients

Online Resources:

Sedgwick County Health Department

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Kansas Department of Health and Environment