Dose 1 / First Shot Scheduling Instructions for Former Library

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If you are unable to schedule an appointment online, and as appointments are available, please dial (316) 660-1029 to schedule an appointment over the phone. The call center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturdays

When COVID-19 vaccine is available, complete the steps below:

  1. Register ahead of time - choose an appointment below (appointments may last at least 30 minutes)
    If your desired location does not have available appointments, please check the other location. 

  2. A confirmation email will be sent within 5 minutes of scheduling your appointment. Please complete the online questionnaire included in the email and bring with you to your appointment.
  3. To the event, bring your:
    • Identification card, driver’s license, or another document  such as a letter, vehicle registration, insurance card, consulate ID card, passport, voters ID card, bills in your name, anything with your name on it to prove your identity. 
    • Printed vaccine voucher (can be completed onsite)
  4.  Receive the vaccine
  5. Onsite observation time (15 to 30 minutes)


Former Library - 223 S. Main, Wichita

Due to the FDA and CDC recommending a pause and out of an abundance of caution, Sedgwick County Health Department WILL NOT be giving the one-dose, Johnson and Johnson vaccine at the previous allotted days. Those who scheduled an appointment to receive the J&J vaccine are encouraged to keep their already scheduled appointment time and receive the Pfizer vaccine.
The Pfizer vaccine is available to people age 16 or older; the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is available to people age 18 or older. 

Choose Appointment these are clickable link. Listen to the more times link until you hear dates and times. If no appointments are available, you will hear a message describing this right after the More times link. You do not need to click the More Times link. If there are appointments available, it will read the dates they have appointments. Tab through the times. This can potentially have a lot you will need to tab through or very little. The times will be radio buttons. Select the radio button time you would like. There will be a list of three items. Select Continue from this list. A form will appear. Once you enter the form, you can add your first name, last name and email address. There are additional required fields but unfortunately, the software that is being utilized doesn't read these questions on a screen reader. Please type "Call me" in the first field and anything in the rest of the fields. Select Yes or no and any dropdowns on any fields that you cannot hear the question. Once you have completed the form, click Completed Appointment.