Small Business Guide

How This Guide Can Help

If you are thinking about starting a small business, you are not alone. Most new jobs in this country are created by small businesses. Each year, thousands of Americans strike out along the path of entrepreneurship. The idea of being your own boss, having financial independence, and creative freedom is attractive to many of us.

There are many reasons for starting a business, but many people find it to be a daunting experience with lots of questions and few answers. This guide is designed to help provide answers.

There are a lot of knowledgeable people out there who can offer advice and assistance, to help you become a successful business owner.

How To Use This Guide

This guide lists many of the issues that confront the owner of a small business or someone who wants to start one. You will find a listing of topics and the agencies/organizations that can provide the answers and information you need, or tell you where to get those answers and information. We know it is difficult to maintain a current listing of telephone numbers; you may find that some of them have changed. You will, however, have the name of the relevant agency that can provide you assistance. These organizations are here to help; the rest is up to you.

If you need additional information, contact our Sedgwick County Economic Development office at 383-8270.

Resource Contact Information

The Kansas Business Center is a viable resource for starting a business in Kansas.

Advertising Strategies:
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) (316) 978-3193

Pre Business:
Business Education and Support WIBA (316) 267-8987
SBDC (316) 978-3193
Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) (316) 269-6273

Business Plan:
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) (316) 978-3193
SCORE (316) 269-6273
Small Business Resource & Assistance Center (SBRAC) (316) 612-9193

Start & Grow a Small Business:
SCORE (316) 269-6273
Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce (316) 268-1134
SBRAC (316) 612-9193
KTEC (316) 651-5900

Business Formation:
Kansas Dept. of Revenue (316) 337-6140
Internal Revenue Service: (800) 829-1040

Cash Flow Analysis:
SBDC (316) 978-3193
SBRAC (316) 612-9193

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) (316) 269-6571
Sedgwick County: (316) 268-1139
City of Wichita: (316) 268-4502
South Central Kansas Economic Development District (SKEDD) (316) 262-7035
SBA (316) 269-6616
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA)
U.S. Dept. of Commerce (785) 296-3481

Inventory Control Procedures:
SBDC (316) 978-3193

Export/Import Assistance:
Kansas World Trade Center (316) 264-5858
Foreign Trade Zone (316) 268-1139

Export Assistance:
U.S. Export Assistance Center (316) 263-4067
KS. Dept. of Commerce & Housing, Trade Development (785) 296-4027

Hubzones Assistance and Applications

International Sourcing:
Sedgwick County Foreign Trade Zone (316) 268-1139

SBDC (316) 978-3193
KTEC (316) 651-5900

Workforce Training:
Health Insurance WIBA (316) 267-8987
Kansas Dept. of Commerce
Kansas Industrial Training (KIT) (785) 296-5298
Kansas Industrial Retraining (KIR) (785)296-5298
State of Kansas Investments in Lifelong Learning (SKILL) (785) 296-5298
Kansas Dept. of Human Resources
Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) (785) 296-5000

Assistance for Manufacturers:
Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center (316) 978-3676

Research Assistance:
Kansas Technology Enterprise Corp. (KTEC) (785) 296-5272

Enterprise Zone: KS. Dept. of Commerce & Housing (785) 296-3481

Tax Exemptions:
Economic Development Tax Exemptions Sedgwick County (316) 383-8270
City of Wichita (316) 268-4502

Sales Tax Exemptions:
KS. Dept. of Commerce & Housing: (785) 264-6782

Minority Businesses:
SBA (316) 269-6273
Kansas Minority Business Development Council (316) 268-1154

Permits & Licenses:

All Businesses:
Sedgwick County Appraiser (316) 383-8133

City of Wichita, Central Inspection (316) 268-4461

City of Wichita Revenue Management (316) 268-4553
Sedgwick County Code Enforcement (316) 660-1840

Federal Withholding, State Taxes & Recordkeeping:
IRS (800) 829-1040
KS. Dept. of Revenue (316) 337-6248

State Withholding:
KS. Dept. of Revenue (316) 337-6140

State Tax Permits:
KS. Dept. of Revenue (316) 337-6140

Social Security:
Social Security Admin. (316) 636-5884

Employee Insurance:

Kansas Employment Security, Department of Revenue (316) 321-2350
Wichita Independent Business Association (WIBA) (316) 267-8987
Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce (316) 268-1126

Workers Compensation Insurance:
Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce (316) 268-4600
Kansas Chamber of Commerce & Industry (785) 357-6321

Environmental Issues:
Sm. Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) (785) 864-3968
SBEAP Technical Assistance Hotline (800) 578-8898

Federal: Patent & Trademark Office (703) 308-4357
State: Secretary of State (785) 296-4564

U.S. Copyright Office (202) 707-3000

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (800) 786-9199

Business Insurance:
SBDC (316) 978-3193
Insurance Agents or Brokers

Additional Helpful Information

There are other resources in the community that may be helpful to you in starting a business:

Wichita/Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department 268-4421

Hazardous materials:
Sedgwick County Fire Dept. 744-0471
Wichita Fire Dept. 268-4441

Tax issues & assessments:
Sedgwick County Appraiser 383-8200

Real estate records, business licenses:
Sedgwick County Clerk 383-7666

Recycling information:
Sedgwick County Environmental Resources 721-9418

Wichita Transit Authority 265-1450

Child care options:
Child Care Association 682-1853