Electronic Plan Review (ePlans)


Commercial Building Plans submitted to MABCD for review are to be submitted electronically through the MABCD Portal. Please refer to the information below for guidelines on the electronic plan review (ePlans) process. The department will continue to accept submission of paper plans with a 10 percent charge added to the plan review fee to allow for processing until December 31, 2018. Beginning January 1, 2019, MABCD will no longer accept paper submission of commercial building plans and plans will only be accepted as ePlans through the MABCD Portal. For questions about the transition to ePlans, please contact the department at MABCD@sedgwick.gov or 316-660-1840.

Electronic Plan Review is now available.

Select the links below for detailed instructions for each step in the Commercial Plan Review process. The MABCD Commercial Plan Content Guide contains detailed instructions for preparing commercial plans for approval. The MABCD Electronic Plan Submission Guide contains detailed instructions for submitting an application and uploading the plans electronically.

The Electronic Plan Review Process: 

Submit an application: An application is submitted using the MABCD portal webpage. 

Submit application payment: After the application is reviewed, the MABCD sends an email notification that the application is ready for payment. Payment is submitted using the MABCD’s portal webpage. 

Upload plans: After payment is complete, the MABCD sends an email invitation to upload plans. Plans are uploaded to the Electronic Plan Review system. Please refer to the Commercial Plans Submission Guide above for instructions on what information must be included with all plans.  

Upload Confirmation Task: This step confirms the upload completion and locks the project so that it can be reviewed. 

Submit corrections: If corrections are necessary, the MABCD sends a notification email requesting corrections. Corrections are uploaded to the Electronic Plan Review system.

Download approved plans: When the plans are approved, an email is sent to the applicant. The applicant downloads the approved and stamped plans.

If you have questions about the Electronic Plan Review process, please contact the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction department at MABCD@sedgwick.gov or 316-660-1840.