Register of Deeds

Multi-County/State Mortgage Registration Tax Calculator

The Mortgage Calculator helps calculate the mortgage registration tax due to Sedgwick County/State of Kansas for multi-county/state mortgages.

In the calculator form below, enter the county names and appraised values. This will calculate the percentage of total mortgage registration tax due in Kansas/Sedgwick County. This is the amount you should remit to the Register of Deeds. Complete the Multi-State Mortgage Registration Fee Affidavit form, print and sign it, then mail it with your check to:

Tonya Buckingham, Register of Deeds
Sedgwick County Courthouse
P.O. Box 3326 
Wichita, KS 67203-3326


Enter the appraised value for Sedgwick County, then for each mortgaged property in Kansas, click "Add a County" and enter the appropriate county name and appraised value. For states other than Kansas, click "Add a State" and enter the state name and appraised value. Enter the Total Mortgage Amount. Your Total Mortgage Registration Tax due will be calculated at the bottom. Remit this amount to the Sedgwick County Register of Deeds.

County or State Appraised Value
Sedgwick County $

Total Kansas Value
Total Appraised Value
% of Kansas or Sedgwick County
Mortgage in Kansas or Sedgwick County
Mortgage Registration Tax Rate 0.0005
Total Mortgage Registration Tax due in Kansas/Sedgwick County (Remit check for this amount.)