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Construction Agriculture Livestock Information Network (C.A.L.I.N.)

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office would like to ask for your participation in the Construction Agriculture Livestock Information Network (C.A.L.I.N)

This is a multi-state network, the objective is to efficiently get information regarding stolen farm equipment, construction equipment, livestock, and suspicious activities distributed across Kansas and the surrounding states through an email and text distribution system. Currently there are over 450 participants across Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas with more individuals and businesses are registering monthly.

If you are an agricultural producer, rancher, farmers’s cooperative, implement dealer, construction contractor, or in any other agricultural or construction related field and would like to register for this network or have questions contact the Sedgwick County Sheriff�s Office Community Policing Unit at (316) 660-0750 or email Include your name, address, occupation, and the email address you would like to register.

There is also a text alert feature that is optional. If you would like to receive text alerts include your cellular number and provider. There is an online form on this website to register.

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office is actively expanding this network. If you know anyone that would be interested in this network please share this link with them. The more participants C.A.L.I.N. has the better chances we have in locating and returning your stolen equipment and livestock.

Kansas Counties With Participants in C.A.L.I.N. C.A.L.I.N. Participating Kansas Counties

As well as counties in Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota and Illinois.

Once an individual or business has been put on the distribution list they will be able to receive emails or texts from C.A.L.I.N. Anyone can send information to but will not receive information until registered.

This program does not take the place of 911. If there is an emergency that requires a law enforcement response, call 911. If you have a piece of equipment stolen or there is a suspicious character in your area call 911. The next step will then be to email Please be sure to send a detailed email describing what was taken; color, brand, year, identifying marks and other descriptive information. If you are reporting a suspicious character, describe all individuals involved, any vehicle information and what the suspects were doing that caught your attention.

Thank you in advance for your participation and taking the initiative to keep yourself informed about crime and suspicious activities in your neighborhood.

C.A.L.I.N. Registration Form

We, at the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, are dedicated to helping citizens combat crime in their neighborhoods. But we need your help! By utilizing crime prevention techniques around your home, work place, and vehicles, you can decrease your chances of becoming a victim! If you have any questions about what you could do to help protect yourself and your property, please call either your Community Liaison Unit at (316) 660-3920 or your Community Policing Unit at (316) 660-0750.

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Handouts and Pamphlets

C.A.L.I.N. Pamphlet

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Date Written: 11/04/2009
Date Reviewed: 03/04/2013

Written by: Joel Blogerf