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We have all heard of a child running away, or maybe even have experienced it on our own. When a child runs away, there are many factors to take into account from law enforcement’s perspective. What is the child’s age? What was said before they ran, if anything? Who does your child hang out with on a daily basis? Are there any local hangouts that your child frequents with friends? Is the child in danger? These are questions that many parents hope to never have to answer about their children; but are the type of questions that law enforcement will use to aid in the search of a runaway child.

A “runaway” is a child that is absent from the home without permission for any length of time. The common misconception is that you must wait at least 24 hours to report your child to local law enforcement. The length of time that you wait is dependent upon many changing factors.

The question you would have as a parent would be “What do I do in the event that my child runs away from home?”

In the event that your child has run away, call 911 and make a report with your local law enforcement agency. Upon the arrival of law enforcement, you will be asked many questions. Be aware the officer is trying to obtain as many details as they can about your child and the more information that you can provide the more helpful it will be. The more information you can provide; the better chance you give your child to be found. Information can include:

In the event that the child is located, law enforcement will take the child into custody and transport them to the Wichita Children’s Home located at 810 N Holyoke in Wichita. The Children’s Home is tasked with determining the reasons and issues behind why the child ran away and will determine if the child will be placed into foster care or returned to their parents or legal guardians. The safety and security of the child is the main goal of all parties involved.

If the child is in imminent danger because of the facts surrounding their disappearance an Amber Alert may be issued 1 . The Amber Alert is a program designed to get the information out to local media to aid in the search1. Amber Alerts can only be initiated by law enforcement personnel. Factors to consider:

The situation always dictates the actions taken by law enforcement.

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