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Giving Back to the Community We Serve... Enhancing the Holiday Season

The major fundraiser of the Sheriff Officers Benefit Fund Association is our annual Food Basket Drive held prior to the Christmas season each year. Since 1992, the Benefit Fund, through private monetary donations made by citizens of Sedgwick County, has prepared food baskets for families in Sedgwick County. The Benefit Fund utilizes telemarketing to contact citizens of Sedgwick County to solicit monetary donations. The money collected is used to purchase food items that are packaged in boxes through a massive undertaking of project volunteers. Two large boxes of food products are delivered to each of over 500 families in the Sedgwick County area each year. It takes about 3 to 4 days of volunteer time by many, many members and friends to complete this very worthwhile task. The Food Basket Drive greatly enhances the holiday season for many Sedgwick County residents whom are in need of assistance.