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MRC Volunteer Emergency Roles

Medical Reserve Corps volunteers will be available to support medical and mental health personnel during a public health emergency in our community. Public health emergencies could include:

  • Flu epidemic

  • Disease outbreak

  • Mass vaccination clinic

  • Mass pharmaceutical distribution clinic

  • Disease outbreak investigation

  • Surge capacity

  • Decontamination

  • Other emergencies involving public health as appropriate

Emergency clinics will need volunteers to fill these functions:

  • Clinic Flow

  • Clinic Manager

  • Clinic Vaccinators

  • Clinic Vaccinator Assistants

  • Medication Preparation

  • Medication Preparation Support

  • Exit Worker

  • Safety and Security Officers

  • Supply Personnel

  • Mental Health Consultation

  • Registration Personnel

  • Traffic Flow Supervisor

  • Data Input Assistant

  • Medicine Dispensers

  • Runners

  • Assessment Worker

  • Receptionist

  • Greeter

  • Registration Worker

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Supply Manager

  • Educators

  • Triage Personnel

  • Traffic Flow Workers

  • Respite Area Supervisor/Worker

  • Other roles that arise

Volunteer Levels

MRC volunteers will be grouped into three levels to quickly identify and utilize specific skills in an emergency situation.

Level 1

Level 1 includes professionally licensed or certified volunteers. Volunteers with a current medical license can give vaccinations, help prepare vaccinations, prepare and hand out medication, provide medical screening, etc. Licensed mental health professionals can provide counseling, mental health consultation, or help with distressed or traumatized people.

Level 2

Level 2 includes volunteers with medical skills and experience who may not be currently licensed. These volunteers can be greeters to provide orientation and walk patients through paperwork, answer patient questions, provide patient assistance at the registration area, and facilitate the education sessions on the site. Volunteers with translation/interpretation skills can float to different areas to provide patient translation.

Level 3

Level 3 includes volunteers with non-medical and non-mental health skills who can provide a variety of functions including clinic flow assistance to ensure an orderly flow of people, forms collection and data entry, logistics such as computer support, supply stocking, etc.

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