Reports and Reviews

Justice Reinvestment Initiative - April 2013

Pretrial Release Screen - March 2013

The Bail Bondsman - Effective Criminal Justice Partners - July 2012

Best Practices in Pretrial Services - June 2012

This presentation was created by the Pretrial Justice Institute, which helps local justice systems establish pretrial practices.

Institute for Law and Policy Planning Report - December 2003

"This report is driven by the county's request for a population and system study, as well as the insights and values of the leaders in all the justice system agencies who provided data and extensive interviews with the ILPP team. The report features the sheriff's excellent work to improve the system, as well as problems still needing solutions. It aims at a far more cost efficient justice system for Sedgwick County and enhanced public safety."

Wichita State University - Update of the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility - October 2010

"The research questions posed herein involve a look at the individual alternative programs, but also require a look at the population in the jail. If the alternatives provided are the correct alternatives there should be a reduction in the relevant population within the jail, and the individuals in the programs should clearly be persons who would otherwise reside in the jail. This portion of the study involved drawing booking and housing samples, plus samples related to the community corrections and adult probation populations."