Subscriber Access Network

Sedgwick County offers online, view-only access to selected official, legal county information. Users are now able to access the information they need, delivered to their location, and enjoy access hours beyond normal business hours.

You can enjoy the advantages of having access to selected information used and maintained by the appraiser's office, Eighteenth Judicial District Court, and treasurer’s office. These are the same computer records used in county offices. Some records currently available to subscribers include:

About the Subscriber Access Network:

Sedgwick County Subscriber Access Network was established by the Sedgwick County Division of Information & Operations to provide citizens and organizations access to public records of Sedgwick County on a flat-fee subscription basis. The rights to view this information are in compliance with Kansas statutes that address access to public records granted to the Division of Information & Operations by the governmental entity responsible for the individual databases being accessed.

The network provides secure, effective and efficient remote access for those who require regular access to Sedgwick County public records on a view-only basis. As the demand for additional functionality is expressed and newer technologies are made available, the network may be expanded to meet these additional requirements and/or refinements. It is the sincere desire of Sedgwick County Government, through the Division of Information & Operations, to provide an information delivery system that is in step with the requirements of those it serves today and in the future.

The Division of Information & Operations cannot accept responsibility for the timeliness or the accuracy of the data provided via the network.

For additional information (to obtain an agreement, include business name, address, zip code, contact name, and name and title of person signing agreement), please contact:

Subscriber Access Info
538 N. Main
Wichita, KS 67203

Sedgwick County provides programs which are accessible to the public without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religious or political affiliations, disability, or veteran status.

Records Available to Subscribers

Real Property

  1. Cross reference by name
  2. Cross reference by address
  3. Abstract inquiry
  4. Legal description of inquiry
  5. View property history
  6. View property information

Marriage License

  1. Application inquiry
  2. Application name cross reference
  3. License inquiry
  4. License number cross reference

Civil Court

  1. Filings inquiry by code
  2. Attorney inquiry
  3. Attorney name cross reference
  4. Case inquiry
  5. Party inquiry
  6. Appearance inquiry
  7. Name cross reference
  8. Case filings inquiry
  9. Case receipt/disbursement inquiry
  10. Party receipt/disbursement inquiry
  11. Appearance summary

Criminal Court

  1. Attorney inquiry
  2. Attorney name cross reference
  3. Case inquiry
  4. Appearance inquiry - defendant
  5. Case filings inquiry - defendant
  6. Name cross reference
  7. Charge inquiry - defendant
  8. Case receipt/disbursement inquiry
  9. Defendant inquiry
  10. Sentence summary inquiry
  11. Defendant balance summary
  12. Appearance summary inquiry
  13. Case filings inquiry by code

Domestic Court

  1. Attorney name cross reference
  2. Case inquiry
  3. Appearance inquiry
  4. Case filings inquiry
  5. Name cross reference
  6. Other case information inquiry
  7. Case receipt/disbursement inquiry
  8. Appearance summary inquiry
  9. Case filings inquiry by code

Probate Court

  1. Attorney inquiry
  2. Attorney name cross reference
  3. Probate case inquiry
  4. Subject inquiry
  5. Fiduciary inquiry
  6. Hearing inquiry
  7. Filing inquiry
  8. Cost-receipt-disbursement inquiry
  9. Hearing summary
  10. Subject name cross reference

Support Division/Court Trustee

  1. Case/payor inquiry
  2. Payee inquiry
  3. Obligation inquiry
  4. Case payment inquiry
  5. Hearing inquiry
  6. Filing inquiry
  7. Cost-receipt-disbursement inquiry
  8. Hearing summary
  9. Subject name cross reference

Traffic Division

  1. Case inquiry
  2. Appearance inquiry
  3. Name cross reference
  4. Attorney inquiry
  5. Attorney cross reference
  6. Case filings inquiry

System Requirements