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Current Road Closings

29th Street North between 151st and167th Streets West  Closed to all traffic, effective September 9, 2022 for approximately two months. Bridge Replacement
63rd Street South between Hydraulic and Clifton Reduced to one lane and controlled by temporary traffic signals.  Bridge repairs expected to be complete in November. Bridge Repair
77th Street North (Ford Street) between Broadway and Seneca Closed to all traffic, effective August 11, 2022 until further notice.  Click here for updates from the City of Valley Center. Roadway Reconstruction
Old Oliver Road, south of 63rd Street South Closed to all traffic, effective July 25, 2022, for approximately two months. Bridge Replacement
43rd Street North between Webb Road and Lindberg Street; Lindberg Street between 43rd and 37th Streets North Permanent closure of roadway; vacated by the City of Wichita. N/A
151st Street West between K-96 and 109th Street North Closed to all traffic, effective July 5, 2022, until October. Bridge Repair
391st Street West between MacArthur Road and 55th Street South Closed to all traffic, effective April 28, 2022, for approximately one year. Bridge Repair
95th Street South between 119th and 135th Streets West Closed to all traffic, effective May 23, 2022, until November.  Emergency access is east off of 119th to 95th Street. Road Work

Arkansas River Crossing - 95th St South Corridor Study (ARC95)

Bridges and roads are the backbone of any community. We rely on them to take us safely from our homes to work, to get our children to and from school, and to transport goods and services throughout our region, the country and the rest of the world. For many years, the County has participated in or led efforts to study the transportation needs of our community, specifically focusing on areas where improvements can lead to economic growth.

The South Area Transportation Study identified the 95th Street Corridor, from Greenwich Road to Meridian Avenue, as an area where improved access and mobility could support future growth needs. The study also included a recommendation for a new bridge to be constructed over the Arkansas River. The goal of the Arkansas River Crossing and 95th Street Study (ARC95) is to further define those recommendations. Improvements in southern Sedgwick County could lead to an increase in economic growth and higher quality of life for people who reside in the area.

The ARC95 study encompasses an 8.9-mile corridor from Meridian Avenue to Greenwich Road in southern Sedgwick County. The purpose of this study was to develop a long-range plan for the 95th Street corridor. At the end of the report are recommendations, including budget considerations, intended to guide future plans.

What You should know about Flooding and Water Quality

During Sedgwick County's “rainy season,” which is usually in the spring, neighborhoods throughout the county can experience flooding. Find out why you should be concerned with flooding and stormwater management, even if your home has never flooded.

Political Signs in the County Right of Way

In 2015, the Kansas Legislature passed a law that allows the placement of political signs in city and county right of way during a period beginning 45 days before an election and ending 2 days after an election.