Risk Management

Areas of Responsibility:

Claims for Damages Procedure

You may file a claim against Sedgwick County for damage to your property, including your vehicle. Please use the form below which best applies to your situation. Please follow the instructions of the top of the form for submitting your claim. Forms should be completed in their entirety and returned with all relevant documentation.

Claim form for Damages - Vehicle
Claim form for Damages - General Property

If you require a form mailed to you, please contact our claims adjuster at 316.660.9683 or riskmanagement@sedgwick.gov. Your claim will be reviewed, and our claims adjuster will contact you regarding your claim or if additional information is needed to finish review of your claim.

Workers' Compensation

To expedite processing of workers' compensation claims, you can:

Contact Risk Management

Email the Risk Management Department
Call 316.660.9680
Fax 316.941.5128