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Open Finance

Open Finance initiative includes two applications – Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Open Budget. Sedgwick County updates the data on the first business day of the week.

Sedgwick County’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes the acquisition, construction, remodeling and major maintenance of public facilities and infrastructure systems. To be eligible for the CIP, a project must be an addition to the County’s facilities or infrastructure having an expected useful life greater than five years and expected cost exceeding $50,000, or maintenance of existing assets that is estimated to cost more than $25,000. The following application provides a financial overview of current year CIP projects and active, closed and completed CIP Projects. Users can identify revenues and expenditures by category, fund, functional area or vendor type. Sedgwick County updates the data on the first business day of the week.

Open Budget includes a consolidated summary of revenues, expenditures, and operating income, as well as commitment item level expenses and revenues. This allows residents to see how actual expenses and revenues compare to the budget. In this application, expenditures refer to funds spent, and funds committed, or “encumbered”, to future expenditures. This application provides commitment item level financial information for Sedgwick County for the current year as well as the previous five years. Financials listed in this application for the current year are based on unaudited financial statements. Sedgwick County updates the data on the first business day of the week.

The CIP and Open Budget dashboards are best viewed using Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Drill-Down, Drill-Up and Filter functionalities can be achieved by clicking the icons in the top right corner of the charts.

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report

The Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is a review of what occurred financially at Sedgwick County in 2023. In that respect, it is a report card of our ability to manage our financial resources. Click here for previous year's reports.

County Grants

Access information about all Sedgwick County grants currently in use.

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