County Manager

The Sedgwick County manager is hired by and reports to the Board of County Commissioners.


Mike Scholes , county manager
525 N Main, Suite 343

The divisions listed below are under the direction of the county manager. These directors make up the manager's senior staff. View Sedgwick County's Organizational Chart.

Tom Stolz

Tom Stolz, deputy county manager
525 N. Main, Suite 343
(316) 660-9380

General Services Administration

Department of Public Safety, Code Enforcement & Emergency Management

Assistant County Manager Russell Leads

Russell Leeds, assistant county manager
714 N. Main
(316) 660-4956

Department of Public Services

Tim Kaufman

Tim Kaufman, assistant county manager
525 N. Main, Suite 343
(316) 660-7674

Department of Public Works

David Spears

David Spears, assistant county manager
1144 S. Seneca
(316) 660-1777

Public Information Office and Corporate Communications

Kate Flavin

Kate Flavin , public information officer
525 N. Main, Suite 343
(316) 660-9370

Department of Finance

Lindsay Poe Rousseau

Lindsay Poe Rousseau , chief financial officer
525 N. Main, Suite 823
(316) 660-7591

Department of Human Resources

Eileen McNichol

Eileen McNichol , chief human resources officer
510 N. Main, Suite 306
(316) 660-7050