Management Internship Program

The Sedgwick County Management Intern Program offers a one-year opportunity to explore different administrative career fields, gain invaluable insight into local government, and procure future leadership positions. The goal of the program is to draw and preserve highly motivated and creative individuals from diverse social and cultural backgrounds to local government.

Management Interns study administrative systems, policies and practices, and will be given definite work assignments involving meaningful participation in a wide variety of issues facing the Sedgwick County metropolitan area. They are given in-depth experience with all facets of County government including, but not limited to: Public finance, public health, public safety, public works, human resources, and other County functions. Interns attend county commission meetings, county manager's staff meetings, and local and regional conferences. They work out of the Sedgwick County Manager's Office and area assigned projects at the direction of the County Manager and Deputy County Manager.

The Communications Intern position involves research and analytical work on communication strategy and multi-media outlets. The Intern will assist in creative ways for the organization to tell its stories to stakeholders. They will be given work assignments involving communications regarding issues facing the Sedgwick County metropolitan area and have in-depth exposure to all facets of County government. They will work closely with the Corporate Communications team.

Applicants should be complete or nearly complete with their coursework. Sedgwick County will be hiring up to three interns. For consideration, applicants must submit a resume and cover letter, graduate transcripts, and a job application. The application will be available on the County's employment website at

What You Get:

What We Want:

Management Interns must be a recent master's level graduate or nearly complete in their graduate level course work.

Communications Interns should be a bachelor's level graduate. Prefer a Master's degree from an accredited college or university in corporate or strategic communications, mass media communications, public relations, marketing, journalism, or a related field. Related graduate level studies and/or work experience can be taken into consideration.

Applicants must have course work completed by June 2019. Interested candidates should send the below information to: Jane Link,

Applications for the 2019-2020 cycle are due February 28, 2019.

For more information contact:
Jane Link
Senior Executive Assistant
(316) 660-9389