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BOIL WATER ADVISORY RESCINDED FOR CITY OF GARDEN PLAINThe Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has rescinded a boil water advisory for the City of Garden Plain public water supply system. The water is now safe for use. | More information
LAKE AFTON UNDER BLUE-GREEN ALGAE WARNING | A public health advisory has been issued for Lake Afton. Harmful algae may look like foam, scum or paint floating on the water and be colored blue, bright green, brown or red. If water appears suspicious or there is algae on the shore, avoid contact and keep dogs away.  | More information
BOIL WATER ADVISORY ISSUED FOR CHENEY STATE PARK MARINA | A boil water advisory has been issued for Cheney State Park Marina public water supply system. Customers should boil water for one minute prior to drinking or food preparation or use bottled water. | More information
STREAM ADVISORY | A stream advisory has been issued for Polecat Creek and the confluence of Clear Creek, located south of Garden Plain. Residents and animals should not enter the water at this time. | More information
RSV (RESPIRATORY SYNCYTIAL VIRUS) is a highly contagious, common respiratory virus that poses a heightened risk to older adults and infants. Find out about new ways to be protected. | More information
NO-COST PNEUMONIA VACCINES | SCHD is currently offering no-cost pneumonia vaccine for adults with added risk factors including smoking; diabetes; immune deficiency; heart, liver and lung disease; and other less common conditions. | More information and how to schedule.
SHARPS DISPOSAL | Sedgwick County residents needing to dispose of sharps can (1) Contact a medical waste company and ask if they provide residential services, OR (2) Dispose with other trash in following these guidelines.
- Never put loose needles in the trash.

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