Internship Program

The Sedgwick County Health Department (SCHD) has a long history of providing work experience, internship, and capstone project opportunities for students from undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate education institutions. The SCHD provides educational opportunities for students in coordination with local academic institutions/organizations. This collaboration helps educate and enrich the experiences of our future public health and health care workforce.

The program addresses the following public health standards and objectives:

  1. Assure a competent public and personal health care workforce. (10 Essential Public Health Services)
  2. Establish and maintain relationships and/or collaboration with schools of public health and/or other related academic programs to promote the development of qualified workers for public health. (Domain 8, Public Health Standards)

Interns will learn skills directly related to the SCHD program hosting the intern. For example, nurses will develop public health clinical nursing skills, Epidemiology program interns will learn data management and analysis skills, etc. In addition to program-specific skills, SCHD interns can explore the following topics:

What we expect:

Interns must be students of accredited colleges or universities with whom SCHD has a current Affiliation Agreement. Students from institutions not on the Affiliation list should contact Pamaline King-Burns at

Interested candidates should complete the application form by clicking the box below.