Appraiser's Office

MISSION: To annually produce a fair and equitable appraisal roll used in formulating the funding for quality public services in our community.

2017 Real Estate Mass Appraisal Report

2017 Real Property Valuation Notices

The Sedgwick County Appraiser’s Office only mailed valuation notices to owners of properties that experienced a change in value or classification from 2016 to 2017. Property owners who did not receive a notice in the mail may view the notice and appraisal information for their properties online. Property owners also may print their notice from the website, which will include appeal information. This alternative method of notification in no way changes a property owner's right to appeal their valuation or classification.

Approximately 111,820 real property value notices were mailed for 2017, which is about 51 percent of the 220,703 properties in Sedgwick County.

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When are values mailed and taxes due?

View the Tax Calendar for value notices, and filing, tax and appeal deadlines.

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Use this online property appraisal search tool to find appraisal amounts for real and personal properties in Sedgwick County.