Geographic Information Systems


Please visit our new Open Data ArcGIS HUB site.  There you will find mapping applications, data downloads, and other GIS content.

Sedgwick County Geographic Information Services (SCGIS) provides integrated geographic mapping and analysis services and has become the primary provider of GIS data for the Wichita/Sedgwick County region. Data and services are provided to citizens, county staff, municipalities, and public/private organizations. Key services include data development, spatial data analysis and visualization, application development, enterprise system support, and other cartographic products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can I find and view my property boundary measurements?

A: You can view all property boundaries and measurements with our interactive Mobile Land Records application. Simply search by address, parcel identification number, street intersection, or pan/zoom to the area of interest. Property lines and measurements are on by default.

Q: I have a property dispute with my neighbor. How do I know exactly where my property lines are located?

A:  Property boundaries are primarily maintained for tax purposes here at Sedgwick County.  We strive for accurate GIS data and are constantly improving the spatial accuracy of property data. However, as a general rule property boundaries are accurate within three feet countywide. Some areas of the county are more accurate than others for varying reasons.  If you are engaged in a property dispute, we recommend reaching out to a local licensed surveyor which will provide detailed documentation and survey-grade measurements of your property.

Q: Where can I find FEMA Flood Zone information?

A: You can view current FEMA zones within our Mobile Land Records application.  In the top right-hand corner of the application, expand the Layer List and check the box labeled Flood Plain.  For all flood zone questions, please contact the Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department at (316) 660-1840.