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2019 Municipal Primary Election Official Candidate List
Candidate Office District Position Residential Address City Zip Code
Joshua M. Atkinson Wichita City Mayor Wichita   4409 S Osage Wichita 67217
Brock E. Booker Wichita City Mayor Wichita   1608 N Gentry Wichita 67208
Ian M. Demory Wichita City Mayor Wichita   1162 Pineridge St Wichita 67218
Mark S. Gietzen Wichita City Mayor Wichita   1426 N Glendale Wichita 67208
Jeff Longwell Wichita City Mayor Wichita   7806 W 17th St Ct N Wichita 67212
Amy Lyon Wichita City Mayor Wichita   2237 S Tara Falls Ct Wichita 67207
Marty Mork Wichita City Mayor Wichita   335 N St. Paul Wichita 67203
Lyndy Wells Wichita City Mayor Wichita   7512 E 10th Cir N Wichita 67206
Brandon Whipple Wichita City Mayor Wichita   4455 S Washington Ct Wichita 67216
Brent T. Davis School District 259 USD 259 At Large 2200 N Stoneybook Cir Wichita 67226
Trish Hileman School District 259 USD 259 At Large 139 S Fountain Wichita 67218
Sheril Logan School District 259 USD 259 At Large 1218 S Gateway St Wichita 67230
Joseph W. Shepard School District 259 USD 259 At Large 6000 E Mainsgate Rd Wichita 67230

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