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Filing for Office

Candidates filing by petition do not pay a filing fee, but many offices have additional fees imposed by the Secretary of State or the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission that are still required at the time of filing. These fees are listed in the 2019 Candidate Filing Information.

Campaign Finance Reports

Campaign finance reports are required of all candidates except Improvement District and Precinct Committee candidates. Candidates who do not intend to spend more than $1,000 on their campaigns may file a notarized Affidavit of Exemption with the appropriate office before the 9th day prior to the Primary Election in lieu of submitting campaign finance reports. The reports for local office are on the Election Office website in the Voting Applications and Forms link. Report forms for National, State, and County offices are sent to candidates from the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission. The campaign finance report submission dates are listed in the Campaign Finance Report Due Dates. Campaign Expense Reports are accessible to the public via the OnBase System under Election Reports.

Candidate Signs

The City of Derby Letter shares a summary of city code relating to sign placement.

The City of Wichita Letter lists ordinances in effect on sign placement. The Sign Placement Diagram shows drawings of correct and incorrect sign placement within Wichita. Kansas law also prohibits campaign signs within 250 feet of the entrance to an advance voting site or within 250 feet of the entrance to a polling place on Election Day [K.S.A. 25-2430].

City of Wichita Election Campaign Signage Placement Letter

Poll Agents

Candidates can appoint Election Day voting observers. The observer must carry a completed Authorized Poll Agents form that has been filed with the Sedgwick County Election Office to present to the election board workers. The observer must also wear a badge issued by the Election Office that says “OBSERVER”.

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