South Bluff Groundwater Study - Watch the video

Environmental Resources

South Bluff Groundwater Study

Sedgwick County Environmental Resources hosted an informational meeting about groundwater and flooding for the South Bluff area on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. The purpose of this study is to better understand the topography, geology and hydrology for the following area: 71st St. S. on the north, the MS Mitch Mitchell Floodway/Arkansas River on the east, 119th St. S. on the south, and I-35 on the west.

Video Guide to Trash and Recycling in Sedgwick County

Trash and recycling options vary from place to place. If you're new to Sedgwick County and want to order trash service, or if you're a seasoned resident who would like to know more about your recycling options, watch this video about trash and recycling in Sedgwick County.

Ozone Reduction Tips

Follow these tips to help reduce ozone.

Watch a short video about ozone and the small changes you can make to help reduce it.

Get tips to reduce ozone in Sedgwick County - printable flier.

Groundwater Flooding Meeting

Click here to review a recent meeting where several subject matter experts spoke about groundwater and possible solutions to basement flooding due to recent record rainfall in Sedgwick County. The purpose of the meeting was to help citizens understand groundwater, discuss possible solutions, and answer questions.