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My Local Taxes - how are they used?

Your Sedgwick County Tax Bill

If you own a home, land or business in Sedgwick County, you receive a “Sedgwick County Property Tax Bill” from the Treasurer – some of you may pay your half-payments in full, in May and December; others pay their tax bill as part of their mortgage payments each month.

However, just because you pay your property taxes TO Sedgwick County does NOT mean Sedgwick County keeps all that money. Instead, only about 25 cents out of every dollar goes to fund County services. The remainder goes to the state, cities, school districts, townships or other special districts based on your property address.

To help you understand more about how your total property taxes are used, we have developed a quick way for you to see where the dollars go to support different government jurisdictions, and how the Sedgwick County portion is used for county services. On the “My Local Taxes” application, you will find two sources of information: Your Total Taxes by Jurisdiction and your Sedgwick County Taxes at Work. And all you need is your address to find out!


CLICK HERE to go to the Sedgwick County “My Local Taxes” application, to get your personalized breakdown of “Total Taxes by Jurisdiction” and “Sedgwick County Taxes At Work.” All you need is your property address to proceed!

Auto Tag Registration Violation Complaint

The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office is responsible for identifying and charging individuals who are in violation of this statute. This is a misdemeanor offense. Persons convicted of this charge may be subject to a fine up to $2,500 and may also be responsible for the payment of back taxes to the state of Kansas and Sedgwick County. Once completed and submitted the information you provide will be sent directly to the Sheriff's Office for investigation. You may remain anonymous if you desire, however providing your information will assist deputies if additional information is required for their investigation. All information you provide will be kept confidential.

Tax Notice and Due Dates

Property tax statements are mailed in November. The first half, or full amount, is due December 20. The second half is due May 10 of the following year. Interest will apply to late payments.

If a deadline falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the last day to file is automatically extended to the next business day.

Pay Taxes in Increments

You can spread out the payments of your tax liability with Sedgwick County. This allows taxpayers who do not have a mortgage to even out their tax payments. Instead of one or two large tax payments, taxpayers who use this service can pay a fixed amount monthly. For more information call 660-9000.