Purchasing Department

Areas of Responsibility:

Vendor Services:

Tax Exempt Information

Sedgwick County is exempt from paying Kansas sales tax. To receive a copy of the County's tax-exempt certificate, please click the following link:  Sedgwick County Exempt Certificate

Purchasing Staff Contacts

Joseph Thomas – NIGP-CPP, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M. – Purchasing Director
Phone: (316) 660-7265
Email: Joseph.Thomas@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Consulting Services, Emergency Events, Professional Services, Special Projects for Departments, County Manager, and County Commission.

Tammy Culley - Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7150
Email: Tamara.Culley@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Alcohol & Drug Detoxification Incl. Rehab, Prevent Services, Associations, Blue Printing (Blue Prints,  Large Engineering) Services, Boiler & Water Tower Chemical Treatment, Captioned For The Hearing Impaired, Dental Equipment Maintenance/Repair, Dental Services,  Electronic Equipment Maintenance/Repair, Elevators, Escalators & Moving Walks (Building Type) & M/R, Energy Collecting Equipment & Accessories Maintenance/Repair, Energy Conservation Services, Energy Management Engineering Services, Fire Alarm Systems, Sirens & Controls, Fire Equipment Maintenance/Repair, Fire Fighter Breathing Equipment Incl Mobile Air, Fire Fighting Accessories & Supplies/Maintenance/Repair, Fire Protection Clothing, Fire Protection Engineering Services, Fire Resuscitators & Parts (Including Portable Rescue Units), Fire Suppression Foam, Flags, Flag Poles, Banners & Accessories, Freight Management Services, Fuel Additives, Fuel System Test & Calibration Services, Fuel Systems Maintenance/Repair, Fuel Systems, Pumps, Accessories, Parts & Maintenance/Repair, Fuel Type, Diesel, Gasoline, Heating Oil & Dyed Diesel, Fuel: Natural Gas (Incl.  Compressed Natural Gas (Cng)), Propane, Furniture Maintenance/Repair/Installation & Reconfiguration Services/Filing Systems, Health Administration Services, Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative, Insurance & Insurance Services, Insurance; Health/Hospitalization (Incl. Dental & Visual), Kitchen/Cafeteria Equipment, Membership, Mining Services, Nursing Services, Oil, Grease & Lubricants, Photographic Equipment/Maintenance/Repair, Photography Accessories & Supplies, Physical Fitness Programs, Professional Business Services, Professional Services, Radio Communication Equipment, Accessories & Supplies, Recycling Services, Refrigeration Equipment & Accessories, Subscriptions (Not Legal), Surveyor Services, Tank Underground Leak Testing Services, Television Broadcast Equipment/Broadcasting Services/Equipment & Accessories/Maintenance/Repair , Tires & Tubes Recycle Service, Tires & Tubes, Automotive, Tires & Tubes, Heavy Equipment, Tower Leasing, Vending Machines & Services (Snacks, Laundry Items, Etc), Water Supply, Groundwater, Sewage Treatment  Eqp Main/Rpr, Water Supply, Groundwater, Sewage Treatment, Equipment, Water, Bottled & Bulk Delivery (Tanker Services), Waterway Management Consulting Services.

Lee Barrier - Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7258
Email: Lee.Barrier@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Computer Technology-Hardware/Software and Consulting Services, Point of Sale Equipment Maintenance/Repair, Emergency Radio/Telephone Systems, Emergency Warning Systems & Service, Telephone Systems Prisons, Audio/Visual Consulting and Services ,Generator Equipment Services, HVAC Services, Plumbing Services, Roofing Services, Glass Installation, Flooring Services, Septic Tank Services, Utility Services, Architectural Services, Construction, New Buildings/Remodels, Civil Engineering Services, Traffic Control, Road & Highways, Fencing, Public Safety, Uniforms & Work Clothing, Police Equipment & Supplies, Firearms, Ammunition, Shooting Range Equipment/Maintenance, Police Training, Electronic Monitoring, Prisoner Identification Equipment, Prison Supplies, Prison Equipment, Clothing-Inmate/Client, Personal Hygiene & Grooming Supplies-Corrections, Laundry Services and Equipment, Parking Management Services.

Britt Rosencutter - Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7262
Email: Britt.Rosencutter@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility:  Ambulances & Rescue Vehicles, Auto Parts and Services, Chemicals & Solvents, Dental Equipment, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Lab services and Supplies, Pharmaceutical Supplies and Services, Community Development, Counseling Services, Human Services, Fire Trucks and Supplies, Light and Heavy Equipment, Light and Heavy Equipment Parts and Services, Janitorial Services and Supplies, Lighting and Accessories, Material Handling Equipment and Repair, Playground Equipment and Maintenance, Landscape Supplies, Paper, Plastic and Foam Products, Recycling Services, Tires and Tire Accessories, Trailers and Accessories, and All Vehicles (Sheriff’s Vehicles, Heavy and Light Trucks, Fleet Automobiles, etc.) Parts, Supplies & Services, Signs, Security Consulting and Services, Educational and Training Services.

Jaimee O’Laughlin - Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7267
Email: Jaimee.Witmer@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility:  Accounting Consulting, & Billing, Actuarial & Retirement Planning, Advertising Publications, Agency Services, Outdoor Billboard, Alarm Systems Services & Maintenance/Repair, Auditing, Banking, Biometric Equipment & Maintenance/Repair, Cable Construction, Installation & Maintenance, Card Access Security Services & Equipment, Cash Management, Cash/Securities & Bonding Services, Communications & Marketing & Public Relations Consulting, Credit Card, Charge Card & Payment Card Services, Dental Equipment Supplies & Maintenance/Repair, Document Storage/Recovery, Educational Services, Equipment & Fixtures, Electronic Supplies, Employee Benefits Consulting, Finance, Financial Advisor/Financial Management Services, Financial Collection Services, Financial Debt Services, Health Administration, Human Resources Consulting, Image Processing & Conversion, Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative, Investment Management, Lease/Purchase Financing, Legal (Attorneys) Services, Livery Services, Materials/Compounds for Disease, Microfiche & Microfilm Equipment, Supplies & Services, Mortuary (incl. Crematory Services), Personal Hygiene & Grooming Equipment & Supplies, Physical Fitness Equipment, Programs & Maintenance/Repair, Point of Sale Equipment, Supplies & Maintenance/Repair, Print & Broadcast, Printers, Recorders, Decks, Scanning Equipment, Security Detectors, Ticketing Equipment & Supplies, Time & Attendance Data Collection Systems, Equipment & Supplies, Title Services, Tokens, Training Services, Examination & Testing Material, Voice Response Systems, Water, Bottled & Bulk Delivery (Tanker Services).

Dillon Kackley - ARPA Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7218
Email: Dillon.Kackley@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: 
Accounting & Billing Services, Actuarial & Retirement Planning Services, Aircraft Maintenance & Fuel, Auctioneering Services, Audio Visual Equipment & Supplies, Auditing Services, Banking Services, Bookbinding Maintenance, Supplies & Services, Business Management Services, Cash Management  Services, Cash/Securities & Bonding Services, Claims Processing, Counseling Services, Court Intervention Services, Credit Card, Charge and Card Services, Finance, Financial Advisor/Financial Management Services, Financial Collection Services, Financial Debt Services, Geological Engineering Services, Investment Management Services, Lease/Purchasing Financing  Services, Lock Box (Caging) Services, Locksmith Services, Manufacturing Processing & Services, Microfiche/Microfilming Services, Payment Card Services, Pest Control Services, Pesticide & Chemicals: Agricultural & Industrial, Statue & Monument Maintenance/Repair & Services, Temporary Personnel Services, Ticketing Equipment & Supplies, Title Services, Voice Response Systems, Window Washing Services.

Support Staff

DeAnna Hutton - Administrative Specialist
Phone: (316) 660-7266
Email: DeAnna.Hutton@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Advertisement, Office and Records Management, Legal Contract Management, Solicitation Support, Shopper, Website Management.

Chris Hoppman - Administrative Support II
Phone: (316) 660-7263
Email: Chris.Hoppman@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Telephone/Front Desk, Bid Opening, Bid Board, Vendor Management, Solicitation Support, Technical and Office Support, Website Management.

Kelly Snavely - Administrative Support II
Phone: (316) 660-7238
Email: Kelly.Snavely@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Telephone, Bid Opening, Bid Board, Vendor Management, Solicitation Support, Technical and Office Support, Website Management.