Purchasing Department

Areas of Responsibility:

Vendor Services:

Tax Exempt Information

Sedgwick County is exempt from paying Kansas sales tax. To receive a copy of the County's tax exempt certificate, please click the following link:  Sedgwick County Exempt Certificate

Purchasing Staff Contacts

Joseph Thomas – CPSM, C.P.M. – Purchasing Director
Phone: (316) 660-7265
Email: Joseph.Thomas@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Medical, Dental, Life & Vision, 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, Consulting Contracts Professional Services Contracts, County Manager Special Projects

Josh Lauber - Senior Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7150
Email: Josh.Lauber@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Appliances, Audio/visual, Book binding & printing, Construction/remodel, Election/voter, E-waste recycling, Facilities - HVAC, plumbing, electrical, architectural services, elevators, FF&E, painting, fencing, roofing & doors, Furniture, IT - hardware & software, Office supplies, copy paper & copiers, Mail services, Parks & playgrounds, Photography & aerial photography, Radios & telecom, Security & alarm systems, Shredding services

Lee Barrier - Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7258
Email: Lee.Barrier@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Aircraft Maintenance & Fuel, Fire - accessories and supplies, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Engineering Consult Services, Corrections, Demolition, Housing, Human Resources - memberships, Public Works - aggregates, roads & bridges, traffic control, flood control, Remediation Services, Trash, Uniforms

Britt Rosencutter - Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7262
Email: Britt.Rosencutter@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Animal control, Armored vehicle services, Custodial services & supplies, Fuel, oils & other automotive liquids, Groundskeeping equipment & services, Human services, Pest control, Snow removal services, All vehicles, heavy equipment, parts, supplies, services & tires

Jaimee Witmer - Purchasing Agent
Phone: (316) 660-7267
Email: Jaimee.Witmer@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Ammunition & firearms, Communications & public relations consulting, Financial services & surplus, Human Resources - educational training services & temporary personnel services, Law enforcement equipment & supplies, Medical equipment & services, Mortuary services, Recycling services, Signage

Support Staff

DeAnna Hutton - Administrative Specialist
Phone: (316) 660-7266
Email: DeAnna.Hutton@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Advertisement, Office and Records Management, Legal Contract Management, Solicitation Support, Shopper, Website Management

Chris Hoppman - Purchasing Technician
Phone: (316) 660-7263
Email: Chris.Hoppman@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Mail Distribution, Telephone/Front Desk, Bid Opening, Bid Board, Vendor Management, Solicitation Support, Technical and Office Support, Website Management

Lacey Jeffrey - Purchasing Technician
Phone: (316) 660-7240
Email: Lacey.Jeffrey@sedgwick.gov
Areas of Responsibility: Mail Distribution, Bid Opening, Bid Board, Vendor Management, Solicitation Support, Technical and Office Support, Website Management