Noxious Weeds

Noxious WeedsThe noxious weeds department controls and eradicates noxious weeds on all property within Sedgwick County, as required by state law (KSA 2-1318). Its primary responsibility is controlling noxious weeds on county property and right of ways. The department also operates a vegetation management program to suppress perennial grasses and undesirable vegetation on shoulders and in ditches. Finally, it enforces state noxious weed laws and assists citizens in meeting their noxious weed control responsibilities by providing information on effective techniques and products.

Eradicating noxious weeds is a major contribution to the economic sustainability of the county by helping farmers fully realize the production potential of their land. The department is dedicated to increasing crop production by reducing weed competition thus increasing the profit and sustainability of our agriculture partners. This is done through discounted herbicide sales for noxious weeds, custom prescribed vegetation management plans and educational messages.

Call 660-7464 for more information about noxious weeds control and eradication in Sedgwick County.

Noxious Weeds Crew