Animal Control Officers

Animal Control

Animal Control Officers are responsible for the enforcement of state laws and local ordinances that are relevant to the care, treatment, control, and licensing of domestic animals with priority to protect public safety and animal welfare.

If you or someone you know is experiencing difficulty caring for your pet, please reach out to Sedgwick County Animal Control.  Options are available for persons in domestic violence situations, persons entering military deployment, and persons in transitional situations.  Please call 316-660-7070 to ask about referral options.

Report an Animal Issue

Animal Control varies by where you live. Check the chart below to identify whom to contact for animal issues. If you live outside a city limit or in an area of Sedgwick County not listed below, Sedgwick County Animal Control can help you find the correct resource (email or call 316-660-7070).

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If you live in the city limits of : For Animal issues and dog licenses information, contact:
Garden Plain
Sedgwick County Animal Control
Bel Aire Bel Aire City Hall
Cheney City of Cheney Police Department
Colwich Colwich City Hall
Derby Derby City Hall
Haysville Haysville City Hall
McConnell Air Force Base Veterinary Clinic

City of Wichita Animal Control


Wichita Animal Control

Rabies and License Information

All dogs and cats living in Sedgwick County are required to have an annual or 3 year rabies vaccination from a veterinarian. All dogs in Sedgwick County are required to have a dog license. Please use the chart above to determine whom to contact for licensure. If you are unsure, call Sedgwick County Animal Control to assist in finding the correct contact information.  More information on licensing can be found by clicking, here.