About Animal Control

Sedgwick County Animal Control Department shield patch

Animal Code Resolution


Protecting the health and safety of the community from dangers and nuisances caused by stray and/or threatening animals, and ensuring the proper care and safety of animals.

Serving the Unincorporated areas of Sedgwick County

The Animal Control Department is responsible for enforcing all Sedgwick County codes concerning the housing and care of animals. Officers also ensure that animals do not pose a health or safety hazard to county residents and that each animal is appropriately vaccinated and licensed as required by law per county statute. Other enforcement activities of the Department include returning loose dogs to their owners, confining strays at the city of Wichita Animal Shelter, returning loose livestock to fenced pastures, investigating instances of animal cruelty and violations of dangerous animal laws.

Cities that receive full service by Sedgwick County Animal Control include:

Wichita Animal Shelter

The Wichita Animal Shelter, operated by the city of Wichita and located at 3303 N. Hillside, is Sedgwick County’s only full service public animal shelter and therefore provides animal sheltering services to all of Sedgwick County. Once an animal is taken to the Wichita Animal Shelter by Sedgwick County Animal Control, that animal may remain in the shelter up to three days.