Division of Finance

Accounting Office

525 N. Main #823
Wichita, KS 67203
Fax: (316) 383-7729

Areas of Responsibility:

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

This document is a review of what occurred financially at Sedgwick County. In that respect, it is a report card of our ability to manage our financial resources. 

Accounting Staff Contacts

Hope Hernandez- Accounting Director
Phone: (316) 660-7136
email: Hope.Hernandez@sedgwick.gov

Meredith Lavery - Payroll Manager
Phone: (316) 660-7060
email: Meredith.Lavery@sedgwick.gov

Marty Hughes - Revenue Manager
Phone: (316) 660-7134
email: Marty.Hughes@sedgwick.gov

Brandi Baily - Investments
Phone: (316) 660-7132
email: Brandi.Baily@sedgwick.gov

Lela Sturchio – Accounts Payable Manager
Phone: (316) 660-7147
Email: Lela.Sturchio@sedgwick.gov