The law gives you the right to appeal your appraised values. We work very hard to achieve a high level of accuracy in our appraisals. However, if there is a mistake or if you do not agree with our appraisal, please follow the process to appeal. A Guide to the Property Valuation Appeal Process – Equalization Appeals

Informal Appeal Process

Taxpayers may appeal or challenge their property’s classification and/or appraised value in one of two ways. The value may be appealed at an informal appeal in the spring, after the appraiser has notified the taxpayer of the property’s appraised value, or the value may be appealed when taxes are paid under protest. However, the property value may be appealed only once per tax year.

Appeal Documentation

The County Appraiser's Office recommends that property owners provide information in support of their appeal.  Please provide any documentation that you wish to provide at the time of your request for appeal, or at least three business days prior to your scheduled appeal.

You can submit your appeal documentation in one of the following ways:

On-Line:  Smart File On-Line Portal

How to Video - File an Equalization Appeal

How to Video - Upload documentation for an appeal


Fax: (316) 660-5479

Equalization Appeals

Valuation notices are mailed annually March 1 for real property and May 1 for personal property. To appeal the new value, sign the form with the valuation notice and send it back to the address listed within 30 days of the date on the valuation notice for real property or May 15 for personal property. An informal meeting with one of our appraisers is then scheduled. If someone other than the owner will be handling the appeal, a declaration of representative form should be filled out and sent back with the valuation notice. This form certifies the named person/agent is authorized to represent the property owner at the meeting.

This should be done as soon as possible after the valuation notices have been mailed. Once the valuation notice has been signed and mailed back, the appeal process has been initiated. In order to remain in the appeal process, the taxpayer or their representative must attend the informal meeting. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the right to protest the value for that tax year.

Payment Under Protest

The second type of appeal open to taxpayers is the property tax payment under protest. The new value will not result in a tax bill until November. Protests may be filed at the time the first half taxes are paid by December 20 or at the time the second half taxes are paid by May 10, but not both times. If the mortgage company pays the taxes directly, an appeal may be filed with the county treasurer at any time after the tax bills have been sent out, but before January 31. All payment under protest appeals originates with the county treasurer. The protest form may be filled out at the treasurer's office, or the taxpayer can call 660-9000 and the county treasurer will mail or fax the protest form. Forms may also be downloaded from the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals website. After the protest form has been filed with the treasurer, the appraiser’s office will schedule an informal meeting with one of our appraisers.

Informal Appeal Results

If the taxpayer disagrees with the informal appeal decision, additional avenues of appeal are available up to and including Kansas District Court. Instructions for appealing to the next level will be given at the time of the informal meeting and on the notification meeting results letter, which will be provided when a decision has been reached regarding the appeal.