Sedgwick County Appraiser's Office

The Sedgwick County Appraiser’s office values property for local Ad Valorem (property) tax purposes. The office also determines taxable location, ownership, and eligibility for exemptions or special valuation (such as farmland appraised on its agricultural productivity). Kansas law requires that property be appraised at its market value on January 1 of each year. The value of property is determined by market transactions. The Appraiser’s office has the responsibility to study those transactions and appraise property accordingly. The Appraiser’s office determines market value through the use of generally accepted appraisal methods. This process ensures that each property owner pays no more or less than a fair share of the cost of providing government services.

Customer service representatives are available at the Appraiser's Office - Ronald Reagan Building, 271 W 3rd St N, Suite 501, Wichita, Kansas 67202 - to assist you with general inquiries, questions and problems. Please note, all hearings take place at our main office at 271 W 3rd St N, Suite 501.

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