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Back-to-School Vaccinations

Your children need certain vaccinations to attend public schools. Make an appointment with your doctor or visit the Division of Health clinic, 2716 W. Central, or an area WIC clinic during scheduled hours.

Why Do We Need Vaccinations?

Vaccinations help the body’s immune system do its work by developing protection against future infections, as if we were exposed to the natural disease. The result is a stronger immune system, and the good news is, with vaccines, you don’t have to get sick to be protected.

An immunized population also helps protect those who are not able to get vaccinations. Read more about how immunizations protect everyone.

Who Should Get Vaccinations and When?

Where Do I Get Vaccinations?

Bring your vaccination record and medical card to:

What Forms Do I Need?

Complete your paperwork in advance, save time later! To streamline the check-in process when getting vaccinations, the health department offers a select list of forms online. Click on a link below, type your information, print the form and bring it with you to the clinic.

(2941) Vaccine Documentation Consent Form (English)
(PS-3151) Vaccine Documentation Consent Form (Spanish)
(PS-3175) Vaccine Documentation Consent Form (Vietnamese)

What Do Vaccinations Cost?

Vaccinations are available on a sliding fee scale, which is based on income, for persons 18 years of age and younger. Proof of income is required. Some combination vaccines are available, which may reduce the cost for clients. Prices may vary. Contact the health department at 660-7300 for more information or to find out if you are eligible for a sliding scale rate.