Current and Past Management Interns

Current Interns:

Past Interns:

Year of Internship Name Current Position & Location
1990-91 Renfeng Ma ERP Business Systems Manager
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
1991-92 Andrew Schlapp Executive Director of Government Relations and Board of Trustees
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS
1991-92 Kathy Sexton City Manager
City of Derby
Derby, KS
1992-93 Stephanie Knebel Private Sector
1992-93 Tom Sullivan County Manager
Routt County
Steamboat Springs, CO
1993-94 Kevin Burke City Manager
City of Flagstaff
Flagstaff, AZ
1993-94 Mary Knoppick Private Sector
1994-95 Mark Detter City Administrator
City of Andover
Andover, KS
1994-95 Darron Leiker City Manager
City of Wichita Falls
Wichita Falls, TX
1994-96 Jeannette Livingston Assistant Director
Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization
Wichita, KS
1994-96 Colin McKenney CEO
Starkey, Inc.
Wichita, KS
1995-96 Brad Eilts Director, Action Council
Montgomery County
Independence, KS
1996-97 Michael Pisciotte Murfin Drilling Company, Inc
1996-97 Carlota Ponds Director
Hesston Area Chamber of Commerce
Hesston, KS
1997-98 Phillip
County Administrative Officer
County of Humboldt
Eureka, CA
1997-98 Jennifer Rose Private Sector
1998-99 Kim Anderson Deceased
1998-99 Matt Benoit City Manager
City of Huntsville
Huntsville, TX


Shawne Boyd Private Sector
1999-00 Aaron Dunkel Deputy Secretary
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Topeka, KS
1999-00 Allison Moeding Revitalization Program Manager
Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation
Annapolis, MD
2000-01 Nathan McCommon Deputy City Manager
City of Bellevue
Bellevue, WA
2000-01 Randy Partington County Administrator
Finney County, KS
2001-02 Lunda Asmani Management and Budgets Director
City of Norwalk
Norwalk, CT
2001-02 Jinxi Jia Private Sector
2001-02 Derek Smith Director of Administration
Derby Recreation Commission
Derby, KS
2001-02 Adrian Vega Private Sector
2002-03 Lucretia Burch Finance Manager
Sedgwick County Health Department
Sedgwick County, KS
2002-03 Mini Kapoor-Siddique Private Sector
2002-03 Paulette Goines Owner/Manager
The Philanthropic Connection
Houston, TX
2003-04 Chad VonAhnen Executive Director
Johnson County Developmental Supports
Overland Park, KS
2003-04 Luciana Hall Private Sector
2003-04 Stephen Ruger Contract Administrator
City of Rio Rancho
Rio Rancho, New Mexico
2004-05 Ron Shaver Deputy City Attorney
City of Olathe
Olathe, KS
2004-05 Rick Rekoske Private Sector
2004-05 Trey Cocking

Deputy Director
League of Kansas Municipalities
Topeka, KS

2005-06 Tania Cole Director of Facilities Maintenance and Project Services
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2005-06 Misha
Assistant General Counsel
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS
2005-06 Sheena Lynch Sheena (Lynch) Schmutz
Human Resources Director
Sedgwick County
Wichita, Ks
2006-07 Jeff Porter Assistant City Administrator
City of Lebanon
Lebanon, MO
2006-07 Jenni McCausland Assistant City Administrator
City of Andover
Andover, KS
2006-07 Mandy Pankratz Private Sector
2007-08 Deanna Carrithers

Director of Operations for the Division of Diversity & Community Engagement
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS

2007-08 Crystal Gile Officer
Salina Police Department
Salina, KS
2007-08 Anthony Swartzendruber

County Administrator
Harvey County
Newton, KS

2008-09 Josh Shaw City Manager
City of Augusta
Augusta, KS
2008-09 Eddie Sheppard Assistant City Administrator/Public Works Coordinator
City of Shawano
Shawano, WI
2008-09 Tricia Thomas Associate Planner
Wichita, KS
2009-10 Phil Laney Budget Manager
City of San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
2009-10 Nathan Law City Administrator
City of Louisburg
Louisburg, KS
2009-10 Angee Sisco

Homeless Services Director
The United Methodist Open Door
Wichita, KS

2010-11 Anne Allensworth Legislative Director
Office of Senator Jane Nelson
Austin, TX
2010-11 Bobby Steel Private Sector
2011-2012 Becky Eby

Performance Consultant
Cuyahoga County
Cleveland, OH

2011-2012 Emily Clouse Human Resources Director
Garden City Community College
Garden City, KS
2011-2012 Anna Meyerhoff Central Services Manager
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2012-2013 Kyle Carr Private Sector
2012-2013 Kate Flavin Public Information Officer
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2012-2013 Lorien Showalter Arie Budget Director
Sedgwick County Finance
Wichita, KS
2013-2014 Kamme Carlsten Private Sector
2013-2014 Jeff Robbins Associate
Office of Management and Budget
Mesa, AZ
2014-2015 Zach Gearhart

Assistant Director of Government Relations
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS

2014-2015 Carli Sanchez Budget Analyst
Sedgwick County Finance
Wichita, KS
2014-2015 Brandon Mills Deputy Finance Director
City of Leavenworth
Leavenworth, Ks
2015-2016 Mitch Kolf Budget Analyst
Maracopa County
Phoenix, AZ
2015-2016 Mark Bowman Fiscal Management Coordinator
Harvey County
Newton, KS
2015-2016 Jessica Ostmeyer Finance Administrative Manager
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2016-2017 Tadayoshi Kawawa Budget Analyst
Sedgwick County Finance
Wichita, KS
2016-2017 Debbi Zavala Private Sector
2017-2018 Elizabeth Biles Workers Compensation Specialist 
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2017-2018 Emilie Leivian Social Media Coordinator 
Sedgwick County
Wichita, KS
2017-2018 Michelline Stokes Budget Analyst
City of Wichita
Wichita, Ks
2018-2019 Kassidy Watkins Private Sector
2018-2019 Haither Zaragoza Public Health Planner, Emergency Management
Sedgwick County
Wichita, Ks