Aira is a visual interpreter for people who are blind or have low vision. Using the Aira app on any smartphone, a person who is blind or low vision can connect to a trained professional in seconds. This person is called an agent. The agent see's live streaming video thru the smartphone's camera. Their job is to provide instant access to information, they accomplish this through rich audio description.

Aira helps to make physical spaces and websites more accessible. You are able to call Aira while browsing, just in case you come across something that is not completely accessible. 

Step 1 - Download and install the Aira app. From a mobile device, go to This will take you to the appropriate app store to download and install. 

Step 2 - Register for an Aira account. This requires a mobile phone number. After you enter in your mobile, we send you a text message. In the text message is a link. When you click the link, it automatically logs you into the Aira app. 

Step 3 - Open the Aira app, and at the top tap "apply a free access offer", select Products, in that list of offers select the " |" offer. 

Step 4 - Make a call to Aira for support with either of those websites. 

Sedgwick County Facilities with Aira Coverage

Community members are also able to access Aira at no cost to the user when visiting the following Sedgwick County facilities: