Take a Training Class

Sedgwick County offers opportunities for personal and career development through a variety of training classes, including topics related to computers and software programs, management, diversity, customer service, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Current Sedgwick County employees may enroll in various training classes using the training system link on e-line.

Sedgwick County training classes are also available to employees of companies that are members of the Non-Profit Chamber of Services. For additional information, please call Human Resources at (316) 660-7050

Based on recent tragic events, we feel it is important to help you recognize, prepare for and respond to a potential attack in the workplace. The US Department of Homeland Security has created two awareness campaigns that we believe are helpful to our employees: the first is “If You See Something, Say Something.” The key to preventing a volatile situation is to tell someone if you suspect something. Depending on the suspicious behavior or situation you see, you may consider telling your supervisor, calling Sedgwick County Courthouse Police (660-7777) or 9-1-1. You should never be afraid to let someone know you see something that doesn't seem quite right. You can find out more information at this website:

The second is a video funded by the US Department of Homeland Security called “ Run, Hide, Fight.” This short video helps to prepare for an active shooter situation, and provides tips to respond immediately. I encourage you to watch this video to better understand how you might respond in unpredictable situations.