Isolation and Exposure Guidance for General Public (Including K-12 Schools and Daycares)

Updated 3/7/24

The general public does not include people who work in healthcare settings or people who work in, reside in, or attend other congregate settings, such as correctional facilities, long-term care facilities and residence halls/group living at institutions of higher education. People who work in healthcare should follow the guidelines outlined on the healthcare worker webpage. People in congregate settings continue to follow the previous KDHE isolation and quarantine guidance at this time.

Isolation (Test Positive or Have Symptoms after Exposure)

What happens if someone from the general public tests positive for COVID-19?

What happens if someone from the general public tests positive for COVID-19 using an at-home test?

How can you protect your family from getting COVID-19 after you test positive?

When can you get vaccinated?

COVID-19 Exposure (Close Contact of Someone with COVID-19)

CDC and KDHE no longer recommended quarantine after exposure to someone with COVID-19. However, people with COVID-19 exposure should still follow the recommendations below, regardless of vaccination status.

Who is considered a “close contact?”

CDC has moved away from the previous definition of a close contact and moved toward information for individuals on "Understanding Exposure Risks" (more information).

Multiple factors increase the risk of getting COVID-19 after being exposed to someone with COVID-19 including:

  1. Longer time spent with the infected person
  2. If the infected person was coughing, singing, shouting or breathing heavily
  3. If the infected person had symptoms
  4. If neither the infected person or the exposed person were wearing a high-quality mask
  5. If the space was poorly ventilated
  6. If the exposed person was very close or touching the infected person

When two more of these factors are present, the exposed person should follow exposure guidelines and mask for 10 days. 

What happens if someone from the general public is a close contact of someone with COVID-19?