Local Data

Annual Service Satisfaction

The “Happy Face” survey was created by self-advocate groups to get feedback about services from the side of the person served. A person can share their viewpoint in two ways. The first way is in person at the yearly BASIS meeting. The second way is to call the CDDO or fill out the survey on-line. People who get Targeted Case Management (TCM) only are sent a postcard invitation.

There are 4 choices to rate services. When someone gives a rating of “unhappy just a little” or “unhappy a lot” an SCDDO team member follows up. The survey results are used by SCDDO Quality Assurance (QA) and shared with each community service provider to help improve services.

The graph below shows data for IDD Program Services in the County. You can look at the data by type of service and year. You know you have picked the service type and year when the color of the word changes to orange. If you have questions about this data you can call SCDDO at 316-660-7630 and talk to someone in QA.