Health Discount Card

National Association of Counties (NACo) Live Healthy Discounts

Sedgwick County partners with NACo to provide residents the Live Healthy Discounts program for reduced-cost healthcare, dental care and prescription drugs.

NACo's prescription discounts save residents an average of 30% on prescriptions, including medications for pets. Residents with insurance can use the discount card when their medications are not covered. There is no cost to participate in the prescription discount program.

NACo's health discount program provides savings on:

Monthly fees for the health discount program are $5.95 for individuals and $7.95 for families.

NACo's dental discount program can save residents up to 50% on most dental services at more than 11,000 dentists and specialists. The program costs $5.95 for individuals and $7.95 for families.

Careington’s MyCountyCares The One Card Benefits Program

Sedgwick County partners with Careington International Corporation to provide reduced-cost dental, healthcare, and lifestyle services through The One Card Benefits Program. The program costs $9.95 for individuals and $10.95 for families each month, plus a one-time $10 processing fee. There is no cost for the prescription-only discount program. 

The One Card benefits individuals and families with:

Medicine Assistance Tool -

Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) is an online search tool to help patients, caregivers and healthcare providers learn about free or reduced-cost prescription drugs for people in need of financial support. MAT is not a patient-assistance program but a search engine for support programs and resources offered by the pharmaceutical industry.

Low-cost Prescription Programs

Some retail stores (including Wal-Mart, Sam's Club and Dillons) offer many common prescriptions for just $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90-day supply. Check stores for a list of prescriptions and dosages that apply.