No-Till Drill Rental

The Conservation District has a new addition - a 10-foot Great Plains No-Till Grass Drill. The drill is available for rental by calling Virgil Hill (316) 259-6627. The drill is not on a trailer and weighs approximately 4,500 pounds, so those choosing to utilize this resource will have to plan accordingly. With the weight of the drill, it is essential that a 20 mph speed limit be maintained.

No-Till Drill

Producing crops usually involves regular tilling that agitates the soil in various ways, usually with tractor-drawn implements. Tilling is used to remove weeds, mix in soil amendments like fertilizers, shape the soil into rows for crop plants and furrows for irrigation, and prepare the surface for seeding. This can lead to unfavorable effects, like soil compaction; loss of organic matter; degradation of soil aggregates; death or disruption of soil microbes, arthropods, and earthworms; and soil erosion where topsoil is blown or washed away. No-till farming thus avoids these unfavorable effects by reducing or excluding the use of conventional tillage.